Automatic Door Opener: How to Maintain Automatic Doors

Automatic Door Opener: How to Maintain Automatic Doors

Certain products, such as an automatic door opener or automatic garage doors, are designed to make your life easier. Although their initial purchase might be expensive, this does not have to be a recurring expense. There are steps you can take to ensure your automatic doors serve you for a long time.

Professional automatic door repair will help you get value for your money. It helps you eliminate expenses such as a new automatic door opener Toronto or other repairs. In this article, you will discover how you can maintain your door opener and make them stand the test of time.

Why Are Automatic Doors Important?

You will find automatic sliding doors offering easy access to a building in several commercial and industrial environments. They are important for so many reasons, including:

  • They are convenient to use as people can pass through them without worrying about opening a heavy door.
  • Automatic doors are great for solving accessibility problems as people with disabilities can enter buildings that have automatic door opener Toronto.
  • Automatic sliding doors allow you to maximize the space you have in a building. This space-saving quality makes it the perfect choice for businesses in smaller locations.
  • Another great importance is automatic door safety. The doors are easily controlled by security personnel, making it easy to deactivate the door completely if a threat is identified. There is also a lock system on most automatic doors, increasing security and giving the user more control.
  • Automatic doors are a more hygienic option than manually operated doors as they greatly reduce physical contact with the door opener.

How Often Should Automatic Doors Be Serviced?

To ensure automatic door safety, working efficiency, and long term reliability, regular automatic door maintenance must be carried out. The manufacturer often details maintenance specifications such as the frequency of the required maintenance.

Generally, the standard frequency for automatic door maintenance is at least once a year – depending on traffic, usage, etc., for high traffic buildings, maintenance should be at least twice a year. Automatic garage doors that have to open and close several times a month also require more frequent maintenance than once a year.

Regular inspection and risk assessment are also very important. It is also the owner’s responsibility to ensure that all maintenance carried out on their automatic door is recorded for reference purposes.

How Do You Keep Automatic Doors Open?

You must have watched a door opener slide open as you approached and wondered how an automatic door is kept open. Sensors help you do that. Different sensors trigger automatic doors open, such as pressure, sound, motion, or light.

Automatic doors open when they receive an activation signal from the sensor, prompting the gear motor’s activation to drive the pulley and belt. When the sensor does not detect anyone in the activation area, the door begins to close after a specific period – usually five to ten seconds.

You might notice a rubber mat in front of some automatic sliding doors that send signals to the doors when you step on the mat. The signals then prompt the doors to open. Automatic doors can also make use of motion or optic sensors. You might notice the sensors located above the doors or on the door frame, and the door opens as soon as you get close enough.

How Long Should Automatic Doors Stay Open?

An automatic door stays open for between five to ten seconds. However, when you activate the push-pull activation, the door opener will remain fully open for no less than three seconds.

How to Maintain Automatic Garage Doors

To ensure efficient operation and automatic door safety, your automatic garage door opener requires regular maintenance. It is very important to maintain automatic garage doors because your garage door is often the largest moving equipment around your home. Frequent maintenance and testing are very important for your automatic door opener Toronto.

You should inspect the rollers, garage door springs, cables, and other parts of your automatic garage opener. You should take note of broken or frayed parts and signs of wear and tear. If you notice any serious damage, you should contact an automatic garage door opener expert to come and have a look. Your door opener most likely has cables, springs, and other hardware that are under tension and may cause severe injury if not handled correctly.

Steps to Maintain Automatic Garage Door Opener

  1. Lubricate the springs, rollers, tracks, and hinges periodically. Make use of white lithium grease or spray silicone depending on the user’s manual’s instructions.
  2. Test the balance or your automatic door opener periodically. To do this, begin by closing the door. Next, disconnect the automatic door opener mechanism to allow the door to open manually. When you do this, the garage door should open smoothly with minimal resistance. Observe how far above the ground the door stays open – usually 3 to 4 feet above. Anything less than 3 feet indicates your door opener is not balanced and requires professional attention.
  3. Avoid walking or standing under a moving garage door and prohibit children from beating the door while playing. This can damage the door sensors and cause them to malfunction.
  4. Test and inspect the door opener of your automatic doors monthly to prevent injury and even property damage.
  5. A monthly inspection and testing of the automatic opener can prevent serious injuries and property damage. Never stand or walk under a moving door. Don’t let children play, “beat the door.”
  6. Check the force setting 9f your door opener by holding the bottom of the door up as it closes. If the automatic door opener does not reverse, the force is excessive and requires adjustment. You should call a Toronto Locksmith expert to adjust the sensitivity of the force.
  7. To prevent entrapment, carry out the 1-inch reversing test whenever any adjustments for repairs are made. Place a 2 by 4 wood on the floor in the door path before you activate closing. If the door does not stop and reverse immediately, it strikes the wood; the system is compromised. Disconnect the door opener immediately and begin using the door manually until an expert can take a look at it.

Troubleshooting Automatic Garage Door Openers

You might experience some problems with your automatic garage door opener. Some of the problems are common and can easily be solved at home. Other door opener problems might require an automatic door opener Toronto expert.

Let’s take a look at some common garage door opener problems and how to solve them.

  • If the opener operates via the remote control but not through the wall switch, the connection may be loose at the switch or the wiring may be short.
  • A door opener that raises but does not close the door could result from a misaligned, faulty, or unplugged safety beam sensor.
  • If your remote control does not work, it could be because of a dead transmitter, weal batteries, or an antenna wire that is not properly exposed on the opener
  • An automatic door opener that is operating without the door opener could be caused by a chain drive sprocket, a worn gear, the door disengaging from the operator, or a broken chain
  • When your door does not close or open completely or reverses when closing, it is usually bonded or obstructed. This can also be a result of a wrong sensitivity or open limit setting.
  • If you experience a faulty transmitter, a stray sign, a faulty circuit board, or a short internal wall switch, it can cause your door opener to malfunction.
  • When you set the close lot improperly or activate safety reversing, it can cause a straining opener to occur.
  • Poor signal or weak batteries will make your remote control only opens and closes the door at 25 feet or less from the door opener.

How to Keep Automatic Doors Safe

Automatic doors can be fragile at times. Avoid careless operation and prevent children from playing with door opener controls as this can be dangerous.

Remote controls and transmitters should remain out of children’s reach. Also, mount your push button wall control at least 5 feet away from the floor, positioned where you can see the door. Teach children that remote controls and transmitters are not toys and discourage them from playing with them.

Taking these few precautions will protect you and your family from potential harm.


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