Everything You Need to Know About High-Security Keys

Today, the locksmith industry has evolved, making so many options available when it comes to locks. This makes one wonder, what is so special about high-security keys? Why do they stand out? This article discovers all you need to know about high-security keys, their unique functions, and their uses.

What is a High-security Key?

A high-security key is a key that is practically impossible or difficult to duplicate without permission. High-security keys work with locks that have resistance to being bumped, picked, or bypassed by other means.

When a locksmith Toronto uses the term" high security," they reference keys and locks that offer the highest level of door control and resistance to attack and picking. To a layman, high security may mean a lot more, based on the contact.

A professional locksmith should be willing to discuss and work to provide whatever level of security their client is interested in having.

Can I Copy a High-security Key?

Can I Copy a High-security Key

One of the main features of a high-security key is its unique indents. These indents are different for each cylinder and are never made alike. High-security keys work together hand with the shear bar. The shear bar serves as a barrier or a stop.

Whenever the high-security key is inserted in the keyhole, it will cause the pins to drop to turn the plug. Once this happens, the indents engraved will then push against the side of the shear bar, causing it to come out of place, thereby opening the lock. If you manage to bypass the pins with a normal key, the shear bar will stop the plug from turning further. This makes the indentation of high-security keys very important.

Most high-security keys have a code printed on the bow, which a professional key cutter can only recognize. Although copying a high-security key is possible, it is not the easiest task in the world.

Where Can High-security Keys Be Used?

High-security keys can be used in practically any situation, especially when there is a need to control the number of keys in use. High-security key systems can be used in restricted areas such as computer rooms or vestibule entrance doors in commercial buildings. Companies that offer high-security products also have fortified deadbolts installed in commercial and residential settings. These deadbolts offer a combination of key control and increased control against forced entry.

How Much Do High-security Locks Cost?

Typically, a high-security key can cost between $500 to $1500. Like every product in the market, the pricing of high-security locks depends on the laws of demand and supply. Certain brands may cost more due to their high demand based on factors such as marketing. However, it is important to note that the most expensive option isn’t always the best or safest option when buying high-security locks.

This does not mean that all high-priced locks are bad. With high-security locks, higher protection will cost more. These pricey locks are designed for clients who are willing to spend more on security.

The material used in production and the safety measures the lock has in place can also influence how much the lock will cost. The actual cost incurred with high-security locks comes from routine maintenance and operational expenses such as rekeying. Depending on the number of doors and locks you intend to protect, the one-time cost of installation is manageable. If you have a high staff turnover, you might need to rekey your locks more often than usual, which can make your lock a high-security lock.

What Are The Benefits of High-security Locks?

Benefits of High-security Locks

Some of the benefits of high-security locks include:


With security, the heavier the locks, the better. This is because the metal that is used in lock creation is essential when it comes to security. When the producer of the lock cuts production costs by using plastics or hollow spaces, your security will be seriously compromised.

A light lock will not withstand heavy impact, therefore making a breach in security a lot easier. Also, locks made of plastic or cheap metals are considered pointless security measures, no matter the mechanisms it has in place to prevent drilling or picking.

Drill resistant

Drilling is one of the easiest ways to gain entry by destroying the locks. Most locksmiths employ this technique out of necessity, and once a lock has been drilled, there is usually no solution.

Most criminals will quickly employ the drill if practical to gain easy entry into your home. Drilling saves criminals the stress and body trauma of slamming against the lock using their foot or shoulder.

High-security locks make use of hardened steel ball-bearings and anti-drill plates, among others, to prevent drilling. These methods prevent the drill from being effective and protect the drill from entering the lock.

Bolt Strength

The bolts of high-security locks are heavy and solid, just like other parts of the lock. The strength of a high-security lock’s bolt is important because it prevents the lock from being compromised by a criminal attempting to bust it open using their foot or shoulder, a sledgehammer, or even a battering ram. Most criminals plan to overpower the lock using brute force, and only a heavy-duty bolt can withstand such force. A strong bolt also prevents the use of saws to slice the bolt in half.

Copying of Keys

At least once in every homeowner’s life, a lockout will be experienced. This will lead to the production of key copies to prevent a recurrence. However, this is a very ineffective method of keeping your locked doors protected for a security-conscious homeowner. Every copy you make of your keys can potentially end up in the wrong hands, granting criminals access to our home.

High-security locks give you the option of patented keyways. This type of keyway can help prevent machines from making copies of your key. This is a welcome development as keeping the available copies of your keys on the low is a great way to remain security conscious.

What Are The Differences Between Commercial and Residential High-security Locks?

The differences between commercial and residential locks mostly lie in their functionality. You have to consider the value of the properties you want to secure before splurging on a high-security key.

High-security Locks for Residential Use

When it comes to residential high-security locks, you need to question if you have anything of special value in your home. If you do not and are only concerned about break-ins, high-security locks are not worth it for you.

With residential property, locks are the lowest compromised element when it comes to theft and break-ins. Most perpetrators gain entry into your residence via a backdoor that was left open, the window, or a sliding door. Having a high-security lock in such an instance cannot do much to protect your valuables as the burglars can still gain access to your home via other means.

For residential homeowners, here are few more feasible ways for you to increase the security of your property:

  • Add a comprehensive security solution such as sensors and security cameras.
  • Install deadbolts that can only be operated from the inside (one-sided deadbolts)
  • Replace your weak locks or switch to more secure locks

These steps above are cost-effective and more likely to increase the security level of your home than a high-security lock. However, if you have any valuables in your residence, you can consider installing a high-security lock after following the steps listed above. If you have something of high value in your home, the lock becomes the weakest link to security. This is why you must reinforce it by upgrading to high-security locks.

High-security Locks for Commercial Use

When it comes to commercial use, the specifics are a bit different. In most cases, a high-security lock is a very sensible choice. Many businesses often have to handle high-value items and large amounts of cash that require safekeeping.

Commercial buildings are typically fitted with higher security preventives such as commercial metal doors, tamper-proof glass, and fewer windows.


Maintaining your high security lock does not have to be difficult. If you need an expert locksmith Toronto, you are in the right place.

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