How To Evaluate Home Security

How To Evaluate Home Security

Moore homeowners are investing in their home security system today. One of the key concerns of anyone who owns the property is how to keep it secure. In this article, discover all you need to know about home security systems and how they work. 

What is a home security system? 

A home security system refers to a group of physical, electronic components that work together to keep your home secure. A home security system often has security cameras, sirens, motion sensors, smoke detectors, among other components.

What does a home security system include?

What does a home security system include

What does a home security system include

Some of the components of a home security system include:

Security camera

Security cameras can be hooked up to wifi, letting you remotely Livestream footage and receive notifications when your cameras detect people, movement, or packages. Several cameras offer color night or infrared vision, local or cloud storage, and two-way audio, allowing you to speak to whoever is on camera. 

Motion sensor

Motion sensors should be installed in a hallway or main entryway of the ground floor, allowing them to detect motion and let us know when our system is armed. You can get motion sensors sensitive to pets, so they do not go off every time your cat or dog walks by. 

Entry sensor

Also known as contact sensors, these have just two parts, one that goes on the door or window and another that goes up on the frame. These sensors make use of magnets to determine when any of these entrances are closed or opened. If your sensor suspects an entry point is opened, it alerts you. 

Glass break sensor 

At times, instead of choosing to open our windows the old-fashioned way, burglars will simply break them open to avoid entry sensors. A glass break sensor will help detect the sounds of breaking glass and alert you through a mobile notification.


Sirens are present in home security systems with s standalone or part of other devices. They are often set off at the same time s alarms with the intent of scaring away burglars or alerting passersby or neighbors. 


Disarming or arming your security system requires a code that is entered on an installed keypad. You can also have your keypad placed on a flat surface or mounted on the wall.

Key fob

Key fobs allow us to arm or disarm our security system without making use of a keypad. They are perfect for unlocking your doors from the comfort of your home or your car.

Panic button

A panic button is a fast, easy way to alert emergency services if something goes wrong. Panic buttons can be installed anywhere, like key fobs, but it is a great idea to keep one beside the bedside table.

Base station

The base station synchronizes all of your connected devices with the mobile application, allowing you to receive security notifications right on your phone.

Window stickers or yard signs

Most security systems give out window stickers or yard signs that let you alert others about the presence of a security system. Most burglars will leave at the sighting of a home security system warning, so these signs are a great deterrent.

CO and smoke detectors

Every home needs a carbon monoxide and smoke detector. This simple tool helps you determine if the air in your home becomes unsafe to breathe.

How does a home security system work? 

With most of the home security systems, all the components are connected to a base station. From there, they are connected to a mobile application that allows you to control and monitor everything remotely. Most home security systems make use of wifi or Bluetooth to connect to our phones. Other home security systems have a battery backup or a landline in the event of a power outage. 

When you are out of the house, you are expected to arm your security. When you get home, you disarm your home security system by using a voice command, inputting your password on a keypad, using an app or pressing a key fob. Once the system is disarmed, the camera stops recording automatically, and none of the sensors go off.

However, carbon monoxide and smoke sensors remain on whether the security system is turned on or not.

What is the purpose of a security system? 

What is the purpose of a security system 

What is the purpose of a security system 

A home security system offers peace of mind as well as protection for your property and loved ones. Security systems have several purposes, some of which include:


The primary purpose of a home security system is to protect your property and loved ones. Professional home security systems are a significant expense that helps keep an eye on your property, whether you are present or not. 

Deter Burglars

Most burglars are opportunists, and obvious signs such as yard signs, outdoor cameras, and alarm systems can deter burglars. 

Peace of Mind

When you have a home security system installed, you can rest assured that your home is always protected. Modern-day technology also allows you to check-in from anywhere in the world using modern wireless security systems.

Energy Savings and Convenience

Some home security features extra home automation capabilities that offer energy savings and convenience. This helps to justify the extra cost of a security system. Thermostats and internet-connected lights can adjust themselves to save energy when the home security system is armed.

Does a home security system require the internet? 

Several home security system companies require an internet connection to be set up for your business or home. However, this is only recommended so that data can be received from the security system and you can have access to services such as alarm monitoring.

Does a home security system lower insurance? 

Averagely, installing a home security system can reduce your homeowner’s insurance by up to 20%. Insurance companies believe that a professionally monitored home security system adds an extra level of protection to your home. This creates a safer environment for your family. Home security systems help reduce the chances of your home being burglarized. This means that you are less likely to file a claim with your insurance company, saving them money that will eventually be passed on to you. 

How much should a home security system cost? 

The equipment for a home security system costs between $300 to $400. The services of a professional locksmith can range from $150 to $300, depending on various factors. You can expect maintenance costs to be between $20 to $50. Some locksmiths charge for extended warranty coverage, service calls, and even new batteries.

Should I install security cameras in my home? 

Security cameras are an excellent tool for home protection and can serve as both a recovery tool and a deterrent for burglars. Many times thieves are wary of properties that have visible security cameras. Also, if a crime does occur, security cameras can help with evidence. 

Security cameras work best when integrated with a home security system. In a bid to extend their battery life, wireless security cameras only begin recording when they sense motion. This means they might not capture everything you need them to. When you have a home security system, cameras begin recording the instant any part of the security system is triggered, such as a glass break sensor, contact sensor or motion sensor. A home security system will ensure that the cameras record everything that happens on your property, not just the brief seconds of motion that occur just in front of them.

What are the cons of security cameras? 

Everyone is familiar with the benefits of security cameras in a home security setup. However, these surveillance cameras also have their downsides. Some of the cons of surveillance cameras include:


When setting up security cameras around the house, privacy is a major concern. Whatever your security camera records are on the internet forever, so you might want to be extra careful and install cameras only outside your home.


If you set up security cameras just to watch your property, you are safe. However, if your neighbors can prove that your cameras are invading their privacy, you might just land a lawsuit. You have to go through the fine print with security cameras and ensure you are not breaking any laws. For instance, in certain areas, recording a conversation, even when it’s taking place on your property, could be deemed an offense. 

A great way to stay out of trouble is by posting notices on your property, informing visitors of the presence of surveillance cameras.  


Security cameras can be pricey. Even though they have become less expensive over the years, they still cost a great deal of money. Having such high-value items outside your home can even serve as an invitation for thieves and burglars.

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