A keyless remote is a car entry system that enables you to operate your car locks using a button instead of a key. It is easy to use, practical, and it makes locking or unlocking your vehicle more manageable, especially in the dark or in the rain. Most modern cars have an inbuilt keyless remote system. For those without, it can be a functional addition if you want to enhance the features of the vehicle without upgrading to a new one. 

Although keyless remotes are very convenient, they can malfunction. If your keyless remote breaks, call TBC Locksmith, and our mobile team will be available to assist you onsite anywhere within Toronto and surrounding cities, up to 50 kilometers. If you are looking for a locksmith for an emergency or to schedule an appointment, look no further. We make keyless remotes for all types of vehicles. 

Keyless Remotes and Radio Frequencies

A keyless remote has a radio transmitter that transfers short-range radio frequencies to a receiver inside the car and triggers various functions. The distance from the remote to the car varies across systems, but most remotes operate within 100 feet from the vehicle. Manufacturers encrypt keyless remotes to safeguard them against signal interception of other remotes. This safety feature prevents car theft using random keyless remotes.

Your keyless remote could stop working for several reasons. When the battery is dead, none of the buttons will work. Replacing the battery will solve the problem. When the buttons wear out, some of them will work while others will be fully or partially non-functional. Depending on the model, make, and year of manufacture, we can either replace the parts or program a new one. If the remote has water damage or it breaks, creating a new one is more cost-effective.

Some older keyless remote models are self-programmable and come with an instructional manual. The newer ones need special programming equipment and skill from a seasoned locksmith. Let our skilled technicians program it on your behalf. Also, car dealers will not sell you keyless remote parts, but we will. Just give us the model, make, and year, and you will have your keyless remote in no time.

Contact TBC Locksmith, for all types of keyless remotes. We provide products from leading brands to ensure your satisfaction. We guarantee fast, exceptional, on-site 24-hour service. 

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