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You shouldn’t always go through that phase of searching “Locksmith Services Near Me” on Google every time. Let the professionals install your locks from the onset, and you can save that energy on something else instead of getting all worried. At TBC Locksmith, our services are what you can trust when you’re in need of locksmith services. You can rely on us for all locksmith East York services. Call us if you are in an emergency, you couldn’t find your keys, or in need of an installation of a high-security lock to your office or home, to repair your damaged lock, install or repair your car lock, or restore your home security to normal after a break-in, etc. Whatever has to do with lock installation and repair, key making and lock rekeying, are our specialty and we are experts at them.

Locksmith Near Me East York

What can be more frustrating than being in haste and still got locked outside? Just then, you called a locksmith, and it took like forever for the arrival? Is it upsetting, right? That is why you will always Google “Locksmith Services Near Me  when you are in an emergency. But we can guarantee you that we are near enough to be with you within 15 minutes. Call us anywhere you are for locksmith East York, and we will be with you immediately. We shall be there with all necessary equipment for on spot repairs without delay.

Emergency East York Locksmith

In an emergency? Are you locked out of your home/condo/apartment or car? What comes to your mind is breaking your lock? You don’t have to do that!  Just call us, and we’ll reach anywhere in East York and the GTA with a 15-20 minutes response time. And we offer 24 hours emergency services in locksmith East York. We will let you in and repair your lock instantly.

24 Hour Locksmith Services East York

Discovering a faulty or worn-out lock at an odd hour of the day can be frustrating. This can bring about a sleepless night because of the worries of someone gaining access to your privacy or tampering with your security. Why then do you need to let it wait? Call us immediately. We provide 24-hour locksmith services East York. So be free to call us at any time.

East York Lock Installation and Repair

When you think of lock installation and repair in East York, TBC locksmith should be your first thought. We are the best East York locksmith. Your lock may need repair due to either wear and tear after a certain period of use or exposure to some kind of handling. We repair both residential and commercial locks to ensure they function at their maximum potential. We offer installation and repair of standard locks, padlocks, temporary locks, high-security locks, keyless locks, card access locks, and all forms of modern lock installation and repair. Our locks are of high quality and with a warranty, and we are available for 24 hours locksmith service in East York.

Top Rated Locksmith Company in East York

A country without a reliable security system is not suitable for habitation! What then can we say of a home without a good lock? Every house, office, and car must have reliable locks, and that is why a trusted locksmith is needed. At TBC Locksmith East York, we repair and install all types of locks. Our locks are durable, reliable, and affordable. They are ideal for homes, commercial places, and vehicles. We also offer repair and installation of doors for stores, offices, business places, and residential buildings. We install new locks, make new keys, replace lost keys, and rekey locks. We offer services in East York and its environment. Our services are available in Columbia, Elizabethtown, Hanover, Lancaster, Hershey, Progress, Harrisburg, Lebanon, and Colonial Park. We have modern equipment and locksmith materials gotten only from trusted and reliable companies. All our staff are well trained and are top professionals. They also have many years of experience. We are duly registered and are licensed to provide locksmith services, and we are available 24hours a day, 7days a week. Here are more reasons why TBC Locksmith is a great choice:
    • We are a family-owned business
    • We provide 24-hour availability, 7 days a week
    • Our technicians are fully licensed, certified, insured, and bonded
    • Our response time is 15-30 minutes
    • We offer honest, competitive pricing
    • We offer a 90-day guarantee
You can call us at (647) 699-0953 any time you need locksmith services for your home, office, or car. We will respond immediately and offer you the best solution.



  • East York Car or Home Lockouts:

    Why should you destroy your doors because of home lockout, when you can always put a call through to us? At TBC Locksmith, we have the right technology to open all types of interior and exterior doors without damaging your property. We provide solutions to lockout problems efficiently and quickly. Without doing any severe damage to the lock, repair the lock, and make you another key. All this will be done right there in a blink of an eye. The same thing applies to your home lock. We offer the best lockout services in Locksmith East York and trust our charges to be affordable.

  • Rekeying and Key Making East York:

    You’ve got a housemate, and you need a spare key? Oops! You just lost that key to your safe or haven? Or that precious key of yours got damaged? Well, you shouldn’t get yourself all worked up because of all that. We can help! In short, rekeying all your locks to the same key will save you money and time. You can keep track, and you will not need as many keys for your office employees or housemates. Our key making services are offered on the spot, and any key we make for you can be trusted to last long. Trust us to use the best material to make your key and for the best East York locksmith services.

  • Deadbolt Installations East York:

    Is your desire for top-notch security that strong? Yes? Great! Deadbolt provides extra security to home and commercial places. Whether you want digital or mechanical deadbolt installation, you can count on us for the best services. You can install them with other locks, and you can as well install them alone. Whatever your choice is, it would be just fine!

  • High-Security Lock Installation :

    Are you living in an area where hoodlums or others like that are a threat to your safety? Why worry when we are at your disposal? We all know reliable locks are essential for the security of your home or business premises. And so we use the industry’s top brands to ensure that your security accessories, utility locks, padlocks, or furniture locks are tamper-proof. With TBC Locksmith’s high-security lock installation, you can rest assured of a top security warrant.
  • Master Key Lock System East York:

    Having to go about with so many keys in a bunch or even several bunches of keys can be tiring, you know? Why then don’t you let us help you with a master key which can open as many doors as you desire instead of carrying a heap of keys around. We install master key lock system, which is designed to be heavy-duty and secure. However, if you break or lose your key or damage the lock, we can repair or replace it.
  • Automatic Door Repairs and Installations East York:

    Automatic doors make your business place more exquisite. And they also accommodate people with limited mobility. With automatic doors, you can also save energy. At TBC locksmiths East York, we offer repair and installation of automatic doors, and we are the best at it.
  • Storefront and Office Door Repairs East York:

    Your storefront is a center of attraction for your business, so ensure the doors are perfect. We can help you install excellent storefront doors and fix your faulty storefront doors. Call us today to fix your storefront and office door, as we are the best locksmith in East York.
  • Break-in Repairs East York:

    No one wishes for a break-in, but sometimes unfortunate things happen, and a break-in is one of them. And when this happens, call us! For break-in repair services. We repair, replace, and rekey damaged locks. Our vans are well equipped to service your locks on the spot in response to the urgency arising from break-ins.  
  • Smart Lock Installation and Repairs:

    We install new smart locks on doors and repair existing locks in an age where intelligent people deserve smart gadgets, and that is why we are offering you the best of them. Install doors that can be controlled with the use of smartphones. At TBC Locksmith East York, we have the technical know-how of the best smart lock installations and repairs for you. So don’t hesitate, benefit from the latest technology.
  • Padlock Installations and Repairs:

    We repair and install padlocks, so whether at home or in your office, you can trust us to render the best of service for padlock installations and repairs to you. We can also repair your faulty padlocks. Call us, as we are the best in Locksmith East York.
  • Keyless Remote Repairs East York:

    Not all locksmiths are effective in repairing keyless remotes. But we assure you of being the best. Our technicians are top experts and have a more extraordinary experience at what they do. Call us for all forms of keyless remote repairs.
  • Mailbox Locks Repairs East York:

    Most Mailboxes are located outside, even when they perform a crucial function. You should not neglect its safety since it receives and houses your mails. And mails are important! So, when it gets faulty, call us for mailbox locks repair.
  • Electronic Door Lock Installation and Repair:

    We install all forms of electronic door locks. We can also repair your faulty electronic door locks. We have technicians that are skilled and specialized in electronic door lock installation and repairs. We have installed many successfully, and we are sure if you call us for your installation, you won’t be disappointed with our services.
  • Card Access Installations East York:

    Have you ever thought of more sophisticated ways of opening and locking your doors without keys? Well, you may open your doors with cards. We offer the best card access installations  in East York. We use the latest technology, and you can trust us for the best service.
  • Safe/Vault Opening:

    What issues has your safe/vault developed? You still need to trust us to help you out for your Safe/Vault repair because we have the tools to open and restore the functionality of all types of safes or vaults regardless of size. We are available to help you regain access to your electronic, key, or combination safe. Contact us today.
  • Keyless Entry Lock Installations and Repair:

    Do you desire a keyless entry lock or you have one already, but it is faulty? You can count on us at TBC Locksmith for the best installation and repair. We are experts in the installation and repair of keyles entry locks and offer the best Locksmith East York services.
  • Garage Door Repair and Installation East York

    Your home is not safe if your garage is not safe. That is why we are at your service anytime, any day. We repair and replace cables, panels, springs, openers, rollers, and motors. At the same time, we fix the locks so that you feel safe. Whatever form your garage door takes, we are available for its installment and repair. Call us today as we are the best in garage door repair in East York.
  • Commercial Door Repair and Installation

    What your entry door looks like dictates the impression you give your visitors, especially if it’s a business setting. A damaged entry view can give a negative impression to your customers. We are available to repair your storefront doors and other commercial door repairs whenever you need us.  Call us today for lock change services.
  • Residential Door Repair and Installation

    We are available round the clock to repair all types of doors in your home. We make your main home door, patio sliding door, and glass entry door to look exactly or better than it was before the damage. Call us for all kinds of residential door repairs. Various materials are always available, and any design you prefer will be correctly delivered. You can always trust our repairs and installation services to be perfect and durable because our materials are gotten from reputable companies.
  • Break-in Door Repair

    Criminals will damage your doors in an attempt to break in into your property. When this happens, do not hesitate to call us for break-in-door repairs. We will immediately fix your door, make it healthier and safer, and give it a brand new look. Our services are top class, and they are affordable.
  • Car Fobs

    Key fobs offer exceptional convenience for drivers. We can replace the batteries on your key fob for any car type or make a new one if necessary. Call us whenever you would be amazed because you can rest assured by what we have got to offer.

Why Locksmith


Residential Locksmith Services

When you are locked out of your home either because you forgot your keys inside the door or kilometres away, you need to contact our team. We will use modern technology to get you into your home and turn your lockout from a major problem into a minor inconvenience, without damaging your property.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Is your door stuck, and you cannot open your business in time or close after a long day? Call us, and we will be there to solve your lock-related problems quickly.

24/7 Availability

Getting locked out of your house, especially in the middle of the night can be scary and frustrating. If it happens to you, remember we are on standby to swiftly provide a solution to get you into your house, regardless of how complicated your lockout scenario is.

Fast Response Time

We treat every call with seriousness and respond within 20 minutes, even in extreme weather. We guarantee that our mobile locksmith van carries the necessary gadgets and tools to unlock any door.

Honest, Competitive Pricing

You get superior services at the best price. There are no hidden fees – the price in the quotation is the amount you pay.



How long will it take before you reach me?

It usually takes us 15-30 minutes to get to you after your call. However, we can sometimes take a maximum of one hour, depending on the location.

Do you provide services after hours?

We are available all day and night, every day of the week. We do not take days, weekends, or holidays off.

Do you service my area?

We serve all the main cities within 60 kilometers around Toronto, including Brampton, Mississauga, North York, and Markham. We also service Pickering, Vaughan, Oshawa, Ajax, Barrie, Newmarket, and Whitby.

What payment methods do you accept?

At TBC Locksmith, we accept cash, all major credit cards, debit cards, and E-transfer.

What does it mean to rekey locks?

Rekeying a lock refers to readjusting the pin combination in the locking mechanism so that your old lock functions with a new key. Rekeying a lock does not compromise or improve the lock’s security. As long as the locksmith replaces the old pins with an equal number of new ones, the security of your lock remains the same.

I am locked out of my car/home/apartment! Can you help me?

Yes, we can. Our range of services includes all types of residential locks and all car models. Additionally, we can make a replacement car key or program your transponder key. We are available all day and night, every day, to provide emergency services.

How long will it take for you to open my car/apartment/ home?

Opening your lock will take a maximum of 10 minutes from the time we get on site.

What is the process of changing locks during an eviction?

The landlord must contact the police, who will schedule a meeting with a locksmith. Please inform us a few days in advance, and we will meet and change your locks on the spot.

I’m a new homeowner. Should I rekey all locks or install new ones?

Rekeying is a good option if you do not know who else has a key to your new home, or when you want to prevent a person with the key from entering. It is more economical to rekey the locks and retain the old hardware, but replacing the locks is better if they are old. You may also replace the locks if you want to upgrade them to electronic or high-security locks.

Can you pick any lock?

No. You can pick most of the basic and medium security locks, but you cannot pick high-security locks. The only way to open a high-security lock is by drilling it. Although there is no pick-proof lock, high-security locks are so challenging to pick that experts take long to open them. One definition of a high-security lock is one that an expert requires more than half a minute to pick.

Can a broken lock be fixed, or does it need replacement?

Sometimes, a broken lock is fixable, but in most cases, replacement makes more sense. Whether to fix or replace will depend on the particular lock.

What is a master key?

A master key is a key that opens a set of locks that has different custom-coded keys. While a regular key can only open a specific lock, a master key opens all locks within the predefined group.



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