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We understand the frustration that comes with delayed locksmith service as it could affect your safety and compromise your security. You often tend to Google ‘locksmith service near me’ to have a locksmith service in emergency or when locked outs. This stress is what we remove for you when you contact locksmith service Unionville to serve you. Whether you are locked out of your home or car or had a break-in and need to repair your door, or in any situation, you need our service; we are positioned to assist you with our 24/7 services in Barrie.


Locksmith Near Me  Durham Barrie

Getting locked out of your home or car in an area with poor security is frustrating and could hamper your security. Living on Barrie’s outskirt might make locksmith service providers locate you seem impossible or take forever. However, locksmith service Unionville has put measures in place to attend to your security needs no matter your Barrie’s location. We are 20 minutes away from you, and we operate every day of the week, including festive days, to serve you when you need us. You do not have to Google a locksmith service near you when you are just a call away from us.


Emergency Barrie  LockSmith

Emergencies make us lose our sense of reasoning to think of the possible way out, and we keep frustrated as it looks like all hope is lost. Imagine needing to access a file in your room, but the lock would not open, or you have to run away from chaos, and your car lock would not open. These precarious situations are endangering and could tamper with our security. That is why you need a reliable locksmith service near you with 24/7 emergency locksmith service. Contact TBC locksmith Barrie to respond to your emergency needs at any time you call us; we are 20 minutes away.


24-hour Locksmith Services  Barrie

There is no particular time when your locks cannot spoil, and when they do, they affect our security. It may even be at the dead of the night, making us an easy target to invaders and intruders. TBC locksmith Barrie provides 24 hours locksmith service to make sure that all your needs are attended to. Whether you are in an emergency or a poorly secured area, make a call to us to have a fast response service at an affordable rate. Our professionals are top-rated to handle your task efficiently.


Barrie Lock Installation and Repair

Whether you need to make locks for your newly built apartment or repair the existing locks at your apartment, you need a reliable locksmith service to do your task. TBC locksmith Barrie offers installation and repair of all sorts of locks ranging from deadbolt, card access entry, keyless entry, automatic, electronic, and others. Contact us today for professional service.

Top Rated Locksmith Company in Barrie: TBC Locksmith and Door Repair Services

Being security conscious improves one’s life. You thrive when your lives and the property are in order, and the first step is to put your safety in check. Therefore, each needs to be reliable, durable, and resistant to invaders, burglars, and intruders. TBC locksmith Toronto and GTA repairs and installs all types of locks to keep your home, office, mailbox, storefront, and garage secured always. We also replace damaged locks, keying and rekeying, deadbolt, automatic, electronic, card access, and keyless entry locks installation. Our services are available in Toronto, Barrie, and other cities within 60km of Toronto like Brampton, North York, Markham, Vaughan, Pickering, Oshawa, Newmarket, Ajax, Unionville, Oakville, Milton, Etobicoke, and Mississauga.

We use sophisticated materials only to make sure that your locksmith needs get the best attention. Our suppliers are reliable and trusted to guarantee you maximum safety. Talk of our professionalism; our technicians are professionals with a wide range of experience in installing and repairing all sorts of locks to provide the security you desire. TBC locksmith Barrie is duly registered and license to operate as professionals and give you the best experience. We operate 24/7 so that you are not frustrated getting in touch with a reliable locksmith service.

Here are more reasons why TBC Locksmith is a great choice:

    • We are a family-owned business
    • We provide 24-hour availability, 7 days a week
    • Our technicians are fully licensed, certified, insured, and bonded
    • Our response time is 15-30 minutes
    • We offer honest, competitive pricing
    • We offer a 90-day guarantee

You can call us at (647) 699-0953 any time you need locksmith services for your home, office, or car. We will respond immediately and offer you the best solution.



  • Barrie Car or Home Lockouts:

    No one prays to miss out on important events because of home or car lockouts, but they occur occasionally and leave us frustrated. In those dangerous moments, you may try to call your neighbor, break your locks, call your landlords, or try to use your card to gain entry. But most options may damage your locks further or jeopardize your security. Contact TBC locksmith Barrie to unlock your door when you have car or home lockouts.

  • Rekeying and Key Making Barrie:

    Many reasons are there to make a new key or rekey the existing locks; you may want to keep a spare in case of a lockout or repair a lost one among a bunch. No matter the situation, having the right and affordable service is every homeowner’s dream, and we ensure this with our quality service. Therefore, contact us to rekey or make a new key for your home or car through our experienced technicians.

  • Deadbolt Installations Barrie:

    Deadbolt locks are robust and more secured than most ordinary locks; they are long-lasting, classy, and reliable for every door you need them for. Prison, banks, storefront, and commercial areas are among the areas you need to secure maximally. Therefore, contact TBC locksmith Barrie to install and repair deadbolt locks of different brands, styles, and combination. 

  • High-Security Lock Installation Barrie:

    Poor locks offer the same protection as no locks. Therefore, you need a robust and very reliable lock to keep you secure all time. High-security doors are not expensive; poor locks do because of the risks attached. Keep your life and property away from burglars and invaders by installing and repairing high-security lock at Barrie. We are professionals that understand what professionalism is.

  • Master Key Lock System Barrie :

    A master key provides an ease to carrying a bunch of key in your pocket; provide comfort in unlocking doors without spending minutes to search for the right one. As a homeowner, the thought of a key opening many doors allows you to control access to your apartment. Even for security chiefs, a key helps in watching all over the rooms. Therefore, a master key is what you need to achieve those benefits. Contact TBC locksmith Barrie to install and repair master keys at a friendly price

  • Automatic Door Repairs and Installations Barrie:

    Automatic doors allow passage without physical contact, proffers easiness for children, and adults could even pass while pressing phones without bumping on the door. Our automatic door offers durability, aesthetics, friendly-price, and energy-saving qualities.  Contact TBC locksmith Barrie to install and repair all sorts of automatic door for you anywhere you are in Barrie.

  • Storefront and Office Door Repairs Barrie:

    You want to make sure you impress your customers and have a smooth transaction. The first thing they come in contact with is your store or office, and that is where the first impression about you starts. Impress and make your storefront and office classy with installation and repair of your storefronts and office door. Our professionals are top-notch technicians with many years of experience providing exquisite touches to offices and storefronts through our quality service. TBC locksmith Barrie guarantees your maximum security when you call us for your service.

  • Break-in Repairs Barrie:

    Break-ins are sad occurrences we pray against. Break-ins make you vulnerable and doubt your security intelligence, and even build distrust to anyone visiting you. Call TBC locksmith Barrie immediately a break-in occurs to temporarily secure your home during an investigation and find a robust lock to make you burglar-proof. Our prices are reasonable while you cherish our break-in repairs services.

  • Smart Lock Installation and Repairs:

    Smart locks are classy, beautiful, durable, and highly secured. The need to carry a key or a bunch is eliminated using your smartphone to unlock and lock your doors. You now have total control over who can access your home or office with passwords to lock your door. Contact TBC locksmith Barrie for the installation and repairs of your smart locks through our to-rated technicians.

  • Padlock Installations and Repairs:

    Padlocks need to be durable and strong to resist break-in. Faulty or worn-out locks entice intruders and compromise your security. Contact TBC locksmith service, Barrie, to install and repair padlock in Barrie

  • Keyless Remote Repairs Barrie:

    Keyless entries are modern locks that are elegant and beautiful to secure homes, offices, and garages. With a remote, you control the door in the comfort of your car, and you do not have to stand up every time to close or open the door. The fear of losing a key is also eradicated. Therefore, when the need to repair or install keyless entry remotes arises, contact TBC locksmith Barrie to give you a professional service at a price you are more than willing to pay.

  • Mailbox Locks Repairs Barrie:

    Your mailbox may be located outside the living space, but they still contain important documents that could affect you when intruders get a hold of them. Secure your mailbox like your vault to prevent the risk of intruders. Contact TBC locksmith service today for a fast response service.

  • Electronic Door Lock Installation and Repair:

    Many locksmith providers suffer to install or repair electronic doors, or they may even damage the door during installation. But TBC locksmith technicians have a dedicated team to install and repair your electronic doors to serve you better. Electronic entries are classy and durable, and getting one will improve your home security.

  • Garage Door Repair and Installation Durham Region:

  • Ponder the cost of the exotic cars in your garage, and you have a reason to keep them safe. Also, your garage is an extension of your room, and the faulty door would jeopardize your security. Therefore, keeping your garage safe is very important. At TBC locksmith service, we repair and install garage doors that are reliable and durable.


  • Commercial Door Repair and Installation

    Your business represents your net worth, and keeping the commercial area is no bargain. You will only have peace of mind when your commercial center is secured and run optimally. Contact TBC locksmith Barrie to install and repair your faulty commercial door to give you the chance to run your business effectively.

  • Residential Door Repair and Installation

    Residential doors need to be faulty at all because of the risks associated with them. You cannot leave for work when your entry is bad or defective. Contact us to install or repair the faulty residential door to a long-lasting, durable, and highly efficient lock. Our technicians are ready, and they provide technical advice to you on the best door that fits your home. Contact us today for a quality service.

  •  Card Access Installations Barrie

    Many places are there to hold your card – your pant pockets, in your suite, or even in your briefcase without the risk of losing it, unlike if you keep your key in the aforementioned places. Therefore card access locks the risk linked to the carrying of keys. Call TBC locksmith service for your card access installation in Barrie.

  • Keyless Entry Lock Installation and Repairs

    Having a keyless entry offers comfort and removes the risk of losing a key completely. Keyless entry locks are classy and are very durable to keep your home maximally secured. Contact TBC locksmith Barrie to install and repair your keyless entry locks. 

  •  Lock Change Service BarrieYou need to change your lock immediately you notice it is compromised. Intruders are wiser in their tactics and to make you at a loss is their aim. Do not let them ruin you till you change your lock. Contact TBC locksmith Barrie to change your lock to a classy and durable one. Whether it’s at home, office, car, or garage, you need to change your locks to a more efficient one. We run 24/7 service and get to you within 20 minutes of your call.

Why Locksmith



Residential Locksmith Services

When you are locked out of your home either because you forgot your keys inside the door or kilometres away, you need to contact our team. We will use modern technology to get you into your home and turn your lockout from a major problem into a minor inconvenience, without damaging your property.


Commercial Locksmith Services

Is your door stuck, and you cannot open your business in time or close after a long day? Call us, and we will be there to solve your lock-related problems quickly.


24/7 Availability

Getting locked out of your house, especially in the middle of the night can be scary and frustrating. If it happens to you, remember we are on standby to swiftly provide a solution to get you into your house, regardless of how complicated your lockout scenario is.


Fast Response Time

We treat every call with seriousness and respond within 20 minutes, even in extreme weather. We guarantee that our mobile locksmith van carries the necessary gadgets and tools to unlock any door.


Honest, Competitive Pricing

You get superior services at the best price. There are no hidden fees – the price in the quotation is the amount you pay.



How long will it take before you reach me?

It usually takes us 15-30 minutes to get to you after your call. However, we can sometimes take a maximum of one hour, depending on the location.

Do you provide services after hours?

We are available all day and night, every day of the week. We do not take days, weekends, or holidays off.

Do you service my area?

We serve all the main cities within 60 kilometers around Toronto, including Brampton, Mississauga, North York, and Markham. We also service Pickering, Vaughan, Oshawa, Ajax, Barrie, Newmarket, and Whitby.

What payment methods do you accept?

At TBC Locksmith, we accept cash, all major credit cards, debit cards, and E-transfer.

What does it mean to rekey locks?

Rekeying a lock refers to readjusting the pin combination in the locking mechanism so that your old lock functions with a new key. Rekeying a lock does not compromise or improve the lock’s security. As long as the locksmith replaces the old pins with an equal number of new ones, the security of your lock remains the same.

I am locked out of my car/home/apartment! Can you help me?

Yes, we can. Our range of services includes all types of residential locks and all car models. Additionally, we can make a replacement car key or program your transponder key. We are available all day and night, every day, to provide emergency services.

How long will it take for you to open my car/apartment/ home?

Opening your lock will take a maximum of 10 minutes from the time we get on site.

What is the process of changing locks during an eviction?

The landlord must contact the police, who will schedule a meeting with a locksmith. Please inform us a few days in advance, and we will meet and change your locks on the spot.

I’m a new homeowner. Should I rekey all locks or install new ones?

Rekeying is a good option if you do not know who else has a key to your new home, or when you want to prevent a person with the key from entering. It is more economical to rekey the locks and retain the old hardware, but replacing the locks is better if they are old. You may also replace the locks if you want to upgrade them to electronic or high-security locks.

Can you pick any lock?

No. You can pick most of the basic and medium security locks, but you cannot pick high-security locks. The only way to open a high-security lock is by drilling it. Although there is no pick-proof lock, high-security locks are so challenging to pick that experts take long to open them. One definition of a high-security lock is one that an expert requires more than half a minute to pick.

Can a broken lock be fixed, or does it need replacement?

Sometimes, a broken lock is fixable, but in most cases, replacement makes more sense. Whether to fix or replace will depend on the particular lock.

What is a master key?

A master key is a key that opens a set of locks that has different custom-coded keys. While a regular key can only open a specific lock, a master key opens all locks within the predefined group.



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