Everything You Need To Know About Keyless Entry Locks

Keyless entry locks are one of the best investments you can make today as a homeowner. Smart locks are convenient, safer, and eliminate the problems with keyed locks, such as missing keys. However, most people don’t know what to look out for when getting keyless locks. This article discusses what a keyless entry lock is, how they work, and how to choose the best one for your property.

What Are Keyless Entry Locks?

Keyless entry locks are doors that can be locked and unlocked without using a physical key. These keyless door locks can come in different forms, including:

  • Combination door locks
  • Facial recognition door locks
  • Fob door locks
  • Fingerprint door locks

The most common type of keyless door pock is a combination lock. These types of locks make use of a pin code. Keypad locks are very useful as they eliminate the use of a physical key. This modification results in easier access if you have luggage while removing the risks of having your key break in the lock or getting misplaced.

Although combination door locks are the most popular for now, smart locks using technology such as facial recognition will soon become increasingly popular.

Are Keyless Entry Door Locks Safe?

In the security community, there are different opinions on the safety of keyless entry locks. When you get professionally fitted, good quality keyless entry door locks, they are a safe option. When it comes to securing your property and other valuables, high-quality locks are vital. However, whether or not a smart door lock is the right option for you depends on your user’s needs and property.

Several different door entry systems can guarantee the security of your property. You should bear in mind that the main flaw in the security system is the user, not the lock. Many burglars are simply opportunists and gain entrance into your home via a left open window or an unlocked door. Although you cannot deny that good quality locks are an important security measure, they are only beneficial if you use them correctly.

Can Keypad Locks Be Hacked?

Burglars can hack keypad locks if the wireless network they are working over has not been set up and secured properly. Keypad locks that do not use any wireless signals cannot be hacked but are usually not a lot safer than standard locks as an experienced locksmith can pick them.

How Do Keyless Locks Work?

Keyless entry locks are a great method for closing and opening your door. With a smart door lock, you do not need to worry about losing your keys. The absence of a physical key makes a smart door lock one of the most secure types of locks.

A keyed lock functions like a regular key lock. Depending on whether you are locking or unlocking your door, the locking mechanism will rotate inwards or outwards. However, you should note that depending on the type of lock you have, you might need to use different methods while unlocking or locking the door.

If you have an electric door lock with facial recognition, your door will be unlocked when you present your face to the camera. The system will scan your face, and once recognized; the door will be unlocked.

With fingerprint scanners, there will be a pad where you can place your finger, just like you do when unlocking your phone. Once the device recognizes your fingerprint, the door will unlock.

A keyless fob is very simple to use. The device will have a mechanism that can connect to the fob. Placing the fob on the device will cause the door to open automatically. The keypad or pin code is considered the most popular electronic door lock. For this type of door lock, you set a code for the device. Entering this code will then cause the door to unlock.

Downsides of Electric Door Locks

It is important to note that there are a few downsides to having an electric door lock. If you have a keypad lock and do not clean the keypad regularly, it can be easy for intruders to guess your pin. Tjerefore, you need to change your default pin code after the installation as these codes are universal, and burglars can break into your home easily.

When choosing a keyless entry lock install, select a locking system that allows you to use batteries for backup. If there is a power cut and there is no keyhole in your electronic system for emergencies, you might find that you are locked inside or, even worse, outside your house.

Benefits of Keyless Door Locks

There are several benefits of using keyless door locks. Some of these benefits include:

  • They are keyless: this is an obvious benefit as keys can easily go missing. Misplaced keys can be a big inconvenience and a nuisance to the owner. Keyless door locks eliminate the potential security issues that keyed locks raise.
  • Easy access: with keyless locks, authorized personnel can gain easy entry. It also prevents unauthorized entry as anyone without a passcode who needs access to your property has to contact you for the code.
  • You can keep track of who entered and exits your property.
  • Keyless entry locks favor people with certain disabilities who might struggle with keys.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: keyless locks offer different styles and colors to match your property. This lock system can also make your property appear more attractive to potential buyers if you intend to sell it.


What Are the Different Types of Keyless Entry Locks?

There are several types of keyless entry locks in the market today. Purchasing a keyless entry lock largely depends on your needs and the features most suitable to your current application. Some of the different types of keyless entry locks include:

Combination/Keypad Locks

This type of smart lock lets you program a combination or a code to use when you unlock your door. Once the right combination is entered, the lock bolt will be retracted using an electric current generated to unlock the door.

The majority of the combination/keypad locks use a combination of letters and numbers for their key code. The most secure keypad locks will only allow a few attempts before blocking any more tries to unlock the door.

Biometric/Fingerprint Locks

These types of keyless entry locks use unique features of whoever is trying to gain access to determine whether or not to let them in. Some of these features include voice, fingerprint, iris/retina, the face’s shape, etc.

With most residential biometric locks, the fingerprint is the common method of authentication. A fingerprint lock takes a photo of the fingerprint using a scanner. It then turns that image into numerical data and stores it. When someone tries to gain access to the lock, the scanner will convert their fingerprint to numerical data. This data will then be compared with already stored data.

Fob Locks

A fob is a tiny device that has been programmed to grant you access to a particular location. An example is the car fob you use to unlock your car door. Many people prefer fobs to keys because they are an easier-to-use smart lock option.

A fob-enabled lock has technology known as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). RFID makes use of electromagnetic fields to identify and track the data stored on tags. This information is then transmitted using radio waves. With smart door locks, RFID is used to authenticate that a person has permission to gain access into the space.

Moreover, a smart lock that is fob-enabled requires an inbuilt reader. The key fob also possesses a unique code that is programmed onto a microchip or a small circuit. This microchip is responsible for transmitting the code on a particular radio frequency to identify the reader easily. If the reader can authenticate that the code is valid, it will authorize the door’s unlocking.

How to Choose an Electronic Keyless Door Lock

When choosing an electronic keyless door lock, there are a few things you should know. Some of them include:

  • Make sure you buy your smart locks from reputable companies
  • Be sure that the smart lock uses proper encryption
  • Keyless entry locks should use 2-factor authentication
  • Make sure the keyless entry lock install allows the use of long passwords
  • Your applications and software should remain up to date


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