Mailbox Lock: How to Replace Mailbox Lock Within 5 Minutes

Mailboxes are a small yet essential aspect of our everyday lives. If your mailbox lock has ever been broken or jammed, you can tell how frustrating it gets. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about mailboxes, how mail carriers gain access, and how to replace mailbox lock within five minutes.

Do Mailmen Have Master Keys?

Mailmen carry master keys that can open the entire mailboxes in an apartment complex. Companies install a master mailbox lock at the top of the post office’s mailbox when setting up initially. Most mailboxes have a hinge system that lets the mail carrier pull them forward and quickly slide the mail into each slot.

How Does a Cluster Mailbox Work?

Cluster mailboxes comprise of a free-standing mailbox configuration. This configuration includes multiple parcel compartments and tenant boxes that can be locked individually. You can use cluster mailboxes as a centralized mail delivery location for a subdivision, apartment blocks, neighbourhoods, or streets.

There are two main types of cluster mailboxes, but they all allow multiple recipients to receive mail delivery at once.

Cluster Mailboxes for Tenants

Every tenant has a unique key for their mailbox. You can retrieve your mail after unlocking the mailbox with your unique key. Many cluster mailboxes have communal lockers for large parcels that cannot fit in individual mailboxes.

A tenant will find the key to the parcel locker in their mailbox to sign that they have a package in the communal locker. When you unlock the parcel locker, you should leave the key in the lock. The mailman will take out the key during the next delivery.

Cluster Mailboxes for Mailmen

Cluster mailboxes allow convenient and quick mail delivery. You can open the unit’s entire front panel using a proprietary arrow lock. This arrow lock grants access to each mailbox, and it is installed and maintained by the USPS. The mailman then inserts the mail in each slot without opening the mailbox doors individually. Afterward, the mailman can lock the front panel securely.

When installing a new cluster mailbox, you can choose configurations that comprise sixteen, thirteen, twelve, or eight compartments. Every compartment has a slot through which tenants access their mail.

Cluster mailboxes also have parcel lockers to accommodate the delivery of large packages. There are master doors or front panels that can be accessed by the mailman using a master key. This panel grants access to all other compartments in the cluster unit.

Cluster mailboxes usually have three keys per box. The tenant receives two keys while the property manager holds on to one. The post office has the master key to the front panel given to the mailman for deliveries.

Can I Have Two Mailboxes at My House?

No, it is illegal to have more than one mailbox per house. Multiple people can make use of one mailbox. You can only have numerous mailboxes if several dwellings share the same address. Apartment buildings can also have multiple mailboxes.

Can a Locksmith Make a Key for a Mailbox?

Yes, a locksmith can make a key for a mailbox. If you have misplaced the key to your mailbox, you can contact a locksmith Toronto to help open your box. In some cases, it might be cost-effective to purchase a new mailbox, so make sure you research properly first.

How Do I Get a Mailbox Key After Moving?

When mixing houses, you might need to turn in your mailbox keys. Depending on the ownership of the box, the process might be a bit different. If you do not have a privately owned mailbox, you should hand your keys to the local post office before moving. The post office rekeys the mailbox and locks for the new tenants.

If you have a privately owned mailbox, you should relinquish the keys. If you have a leased mailbox, speak to the leasing company or your landlord about their policy. Unless you are specifically told to, do not leave your keys in the mailbox as the mailman will reject abandoned keys.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Mailbox Lock?

If you misplace your mailbox key, you can purchase another at the post office for $10. The issue with this, however, is that you have a key that can open your mailbox floating around. Replacing your lock is a better option. It costs about $30 to replace a mailbox lock.

How to Replace a Mailbox Lock Under Five Minutes

If your mailbox lock is broken or cannot be opened, you can replace it yourself. To replace your mailbox lock in under 5 minutes, you will need a drill. You need to remember that you do not want to damage the lock housing, so avoid using a lot of pressure while drilling into the lock. Keep the drill straight and apply medium, consistent pressure.

After drilling through the lock mechanism, the mailbox will open easily. Slide the metal clip and lock bar that holds the lock bar against the door. If you find that the lock is still attached to the lock nut, take off the nut with a wrench. Now that the clip is no longer holding the lock in place take out the entire mechanism and bring it to a locksmith Toronto. If your local locksmith is not close by, you can find a replacement lock in stores or online.

Once you purchase a new lock, slide it in the lock’s housing and reattach it with the lock bar out. Screw the lock nut back on, and you are through.

Are Brick Mailboxes Legal?

The short answer is no. Specific mailboxes are considered dangerous based on their weight, rigidity, location, and size. Such mailboxes are made of materials such as brick, steel, stone, or concrete.


Although such mailboxes are aesthetically pleasing, they pose a heightened safety risk. If a driver runs into your brick mailbox, for instance, it could lead to severe injury.

Can I Make My Own Mailbox?

Yes, you can make your own mailbox. If you buy a custom made mailbox or make one yourself, it should meet PMG standards. You can show your local mailman your custom-made mailbox or the plans for the mailbox you intend to build. If it meets the size and construction standards, then you are good to go.

How Do I Replace Mailbox On Existing Post?

If your mailbox is damaged or its security has been compromised, it might be time to replace it. Replacing a mailbox can is a straightforward task that you can complete in a few hours. Before replacing your mailbox, you should purchase a new one. If you intend to put the mailbox in a different location or getting a bigger sized mailbox, check with your post office for approval.

How Do I Replace Mailbox On Existing Post?
How Do I Replace Mailbox On Existing Post?

Here are five easy steps for replacing your mailbox:

Remove your old mailbox

To do this, you need a few tools, including a socket wrench and a screwdriver. Once you remove the mailbox, you can take out your post and reposition it if you like. Dig around the post with a shovel and wiggle it around till it comes loose. If you want your mailbox to remain in the same position, you can skip digging around.

Adjust your post hole

If your new post hole differs in size from your old one, you might need to dig out more soil or add more soil. Avoid digging too deep – the hole should not be more than 25 inches deep. The base of your mailbox should be between 40 to 45 inches from the road. Unless it is necessary, avoid the use of concrete. This will make it harder for you to replace your posts in the future. You can line the bottom of the hole with gravel to facilitate proper drainage.

Prepare the new post

Double-check whether or not your post is weather resistant. You want to avoid premature rotting with wood posts, so you might need to treat the post. You can pot for an aluminium or steel post with a diameter of about 2 inches.

Plant your Post In the Hole

Re-measure the distance from the bottom of your mailbox to the road. After you have done this, plant the post in the hole. Place a level on the post and fill up the hole you have dug. Ensure that you pack each layer of soil properly. This will ensure that the post stays firm without wobbling around.

Final steps

As soon as you secure the list, use mounting brackets to attach the box to it. You should find bolts, nuts, and the required mounting brackets in your new mailbox. You can mount some boxes underneath an extended arm while some are attached to the extended arm or the post’s top.

After securing it, add all finishing touches, including your house number indicated on the sides of your mailbox.


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