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A commercial locksmith is responsible for carrying out periodic maintenance and providing all the security installations required by a business. Commercial locksmith services providers in Toronto understand both industrial and commercial security standards. They also possess the right amount of expertise to help their clients with appropriate recommendations.

It is very important to build a reliable relationship with a commercial locksmith as it is a necessary investment for every business. As a business manager or owner, one of your top concerns and priority should be how to secure your business. You are tasked with the responsibility of protecting internal resources and sensitive data provided to you by your clients.

In this article, discover all you need to know when searching for commercial locksmith services Toronto.

What Services Does a Commercial Locksmith Provide?

Commercial locksmiths provide several services. Some of such services include:

1. Rekeying and Repairing of Existing Locks

When running a business, damaged locks need to be repaired as soon as possible. Locks can get damaged for several reasons, including natural wear and tear. This will make it necessary for you to extract keys that are stuck in the locks. Rekeying is another major procedure. This process involves changing the internal tumbler of your locks. It is a similar procedure to lock installation as the old keys can no longer operate the locks.

2. Creation of Master Key Systems

Master key systems are designed to offer convenience without the security of your business being compromised. Master keys grant your staff access to wherever you authorize them to be while keeping them out of restricted areas. Commercial Locksmith Services providers can help you make master keys.

3. New Lock Installation

This is considered the main role of most commercial locksmith Toronto. In commercial lock installation, both the outdoor and indoor locks are covered. It can also include the installation of both keyed and keyless locks. Some examples of keyless locks include biometrics, magnetic locks, and card access systems. New locks can also be installed in the event of staff layoffs and dismissals. Occasionally, when a company terminates certain employees, they are disgruntled and refuse to deposit their copies of the keys. In such an instance, it is necessary for all locks in the business premises to be reinstalled.

4. Key Duplication

In the event of a lockout, a commercial locksmith can come to your rescue. Your key can be duplicated, allowing you to open your doors if your keys have been misplaced. You can also request spare sets in anticipation of any accidents.

5. Onsite Security Systems

Commercial locksmiths can be very helpful in fitting security and monitoring systems on your premises. Due to the varying security needs from company to company, you can get a professional commercial locksmith to evaluate your security needs. The locksmith can then define security systems tailored to your needs and budget after the evaluation. This service includes CCTV cameras and other forms of video surveillance.

What Skills Do You Need To Be a Commercial Locksmith?

To be a commercial locksmith, you require a range of skills, including:

  • Proper understanding of security mechanisms and locks
  • Great customer service skills
  • The ability to be an emergency locksmith
  • Practical thinking and manual dexterity
  • Ability to use a wide range of expert tools
  • The understanding to run and makers an independent business
  • Practical thinking and manual dexterity

Is It Illegal To Carry Lock Picking Tools?

There are rules concerning whether or not it is illegal to carry lock picking tools in Canada in different regions or provinces.

In Alberta, for instance, you need to have a license to carry lock picking tools. Ontario does not issue licenses and considers picking tools as burglary tools, including hammers and crowbars. You can get into trouble with the law if you are caught in someone else’s house with a lock-picking tool when you are not authorized to be there.

However, British Colombian laws say differently. You are only allowed to have lock picking tools when you intend to pick your lock with it. You are also allowed to have lock picking tools if you are an authorized person. The right person includes any of the following.

  • A licensed locksmith
  • A locksmith assistant
  • Have a permit
  • Authorized by the law

Qualities To Look Out For In a Commercial Locksmith

When hiring a locksmith, there are certain qualities that you need to look out for. Finding a commercial building locksmith with these qualities will make life a lot easier when dealing with locks around your business.

Some of these qualities you should look for when you need a professional in lock installation and maintenance include:


Ensure that the locksmith you are employing to do work on your commercial building is licensed. Avoid using commercial locksmiths without licensing because this raises questions about their character business practices and skills.

Quick response time

With something like commercial security, you must know your locksmith Toronto will attend to your needs quickly. In emergency locksmith services, do you need an expert that can get to you in time and offer the services you need?

Your commercial locksmith should be bonded

When hiring a commercial locksmith Toronto, ensure that they are bonded. In the event of any damages that occur in lock installation and maintenance, their bond covers it. If your locksmith does not have a bond, you will have to pay for damages that occur, and you can not file any claims.

Your commercial locksmith should know how to cut keys

When hiring a commercial locksmith, ensure that the professional is skilled in key cutting so that you can easily procure replacement without any hassle. If your locksmith cannot get you replacement keys, you are simply wasting your time.

Comprehensive insurance

Anyone who comes to carry out any form of service at your house should be properly insured. Making use of professionals that are not insured can be risky. You can be sued if any damages occur instead of the locksmith simply filing for claims from their insurance company.

They should have parts on the go

Your commercial locksmith needs to have quality parts on the go in case of emergency services. When your expert has parts on the truck, your replacement or repairs can be done quickly.

Your locksmith should offer lock repair services

You can simply repair a broken lock instead of spending money on new commercial lock installation in some cases. This is a lot easier and an economical way to solve some of your lock problems.

Your locksmith should be available 24/7

You must be able to reach your commercial locksmith at all times. You need to be assured that someone will always answer the phone and come through as quickly as possible when necessary.

Your locksmith should offer upfront prices

You do not want any pricing surprises when patronizing a commercial locksmith. When looking for a good commercial locksmith and show that they give you the exact total. You should get an estimate that you can rely on when getting your locks done if you are trying to decide what to do.

Your locksmith should have commercial experience

Commercial locks are handled differently from residential locks. Ensure that you take the time to carry out your research carefully and the locksmith you are hiring has experience working with commercial buildings.

Different Types of Locksmith Services

There are various types of locksmith services. Some of the services offered by professional locksmith include:

Commercial Locksmith

A commercial locksmith works with larger buildings such as schools, office complexes, warehouses, garages, production plants, etc. Such places require more advanced locksmith solutions such as locks with higher security clearance, locks based on master key systems, or key card access. Commercial locksmiths are also concerned with installing remote keyless systems or biometric systems, which you would find in many office buildings.

Certain buildings require high-security padlocks for safes filing cabinets, and storage outbuildings. Sensitive data is often kept in office buildings, and it is important that commercial locksmiths outdated with the latest lock and key technology. When employing a commercial locksmith’s services, ensure that they are well trained to keep your property secure.

Residential Locksmith

Residential locksmiths are experts in the area of residential security and locks. It is one of the most common locksmith services that are available. So many residential locksmiths also double as commercial emergency locksmiths. Their main function is to help you enter your home during lockouts. This can include situations where you lock your keys inside, or you’ve misplaced your entry door keys. The residential locksmith provides other services such as installing new locks, upgrading locks, changing locks on apartment buildings, and key copying. It is always a great idea to have a reliable commercial locksmith near me.

Automobile Locksmith

Car lockouts can be very inconvenient. An automobile locksmith restrained to respond if you are ever locked out of your car and how to unlock your car door.

These days most cars are fitted with a smart key and an electronic key to giving you multiple access to the car door. If you have a vehicle that uses a smart key, it can be very difficult to bypass. Only skilled locksmiths with the right technology can help open automobile lock systems.

An automobile locksmith can also help to replace or duplicate your car keys and repair or update your remote control. If you find that your kids are stuck in the ignition cover, you can get a certified locksmith to safely remove the key from the ignition and create a new key for you if the old key is broken.

Institutional Locksmith

Institutional locksmith services are required by schools, manufacturing plants, government facilities, hospitals, and modular buildings. To carry out their job, and institutional locksmith first evaluates and understands the operational needs of premises and before recommending security options that match.


Finding commercial locksmith services does not have to be complicated. When you work with experts, you can expect professional services, even the case of emergencies full-stop save yourself the stress of searching for a reliable commercial locksmith by contacting a verified company.

If you are searching for a commercial locksmith Toronto, you can contact TBC Locksmith for your needs. We are an affordable locksmith company, and our team of skilled locksmiths offers top-notch solutions for car lockouts, homes, storefronts, offices, and so on.

Our services include installing new locks, top-notch door repairs, rekeying locks, and making new keys. We understand that having proper security solutions for your commercial building is very important; that is why we are the first choice for a commercial locksmith Toronto. Emergency locksmith Toronto.

All our locksmiths are licensed and insured, and we offer you affordable pricing with a 90-day guarantee. Contact us today for all your locksmith needs.

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