Locksmith Company Toronto: How To Ensure Your Property is Fully Secure

Locksmith Company Toronto: How To Ensure Your Property is Fully Secure

As a Locksmith company Toronto, we believe that securing your property is of utmost importance if you want to keep burglars out! Security should be prioritized at all times and this can be in the form of installing good high-quality locks and high-security doors from a legitimate locksmith company, to having alarms installed on your property. There are different ways you can secure the home that can involve a do it yourself approach or hiring a professional to help secure your home. However, your best bet however is your locks and doors. We have compiled a few ideas on what you should consider while installing locks and doors for your property.

How To Ensure Your Property is Fully Secure

Apart from securing your doors and locks to keep burglars at bay, here are a couple of things you should also consider:

1. Hide your key in a secure place

Where you decide to hide your key should not be so obvious. Predictable places such as under a mat will only make it easy for others to access your property. It is important to be smart about where you hide your keys.

2. Use motion sensors

This should be installed both inside and outside your home. Putting motion-sensing lights outside your property will spook anyone trying to access your property which helps to turn them away.

3. Reinforce and update your locks.

It is important to check on the current state of your doors and locks to ensure that everything is functioning as it should. In case there is a need for repair, go ahead and repair them before it’s too late. If your door has any weak points, use strike
plates to reinforce them. If you have sliding doors, you can add a dowel on its track so that it cannot be forced to open. Reinforce your windows with window locks to add an extra layer of protection.

4. Always lock your windows and doors especially when not around

A lot of burglaries happen during the day and take between 8-10 minutes. This also happens to sing accessible front doors and first-floor windows, which is why you should always leave them locked. 

5. Keep your valuables away

Do not leave valuable items outside such as bikes and tools you use. Use blinds on your windows so that people cannot peep into your property. If you have a safe, keep your valued items here such as jewelry and money.

6. Use security cameras

This is one of the best solutions as you can monitor who breaks into your home. Installing security cameras ensures that you can get justice in case of a burglary. You can use standalone cameras or cameras that are part of a home security system. It is recommended to have cameras that are connected to your mobile application so you are able o view what is happening at your property in real-time. Ensure that your cameras have the following features; motion detector, night vision, are wifi capable, have a local or on the cloud storage, tow way talk, and that they have a weatherproof casing to protect them from adverse weather conditions.

7. Get yourself a safe

You must get yourself a safe that a thief cannot be able to carry if they can get into your house. Here, you can store your expensive jewelry, cash, and documents such as passports.

8. Pick proof your deadbolt

To ensure that your deadbolt is firmly held in place, install a deadbolt protection device. Slide your lock over the deadbolt handle so that it does not turn.

9. Use Smart locks

Technology has made securing your home an easy task. Using a wifi capable device and your wifi network, you can easily receive updates about your property from you. Smartphone, computer, or even a tablet. This can either be through voice control or the use of fingerprints. It is important to note that some smart-locks can incorporate motion-activated cameras.

10. Where are you moving to?

This is essential, especially if you are planning to move into a particular neighborhood. This should be the first thing you check, how safe is the neighborhood, are there cases of burglary? Making inquiries will help minimize the risk for you.

11. Avoid over-sharing your travel plans on social media.

This is because this information is made public. This means that a thief can easily tell when you are not around and break into your property with a lot of ease. You should always update your travel plans after you travel for your home security.

Securing your home/property is important. It should however not be a big brother or something that frustrates you. With the above tips, it is important to identify where the issues are and address them one by one. Choose a strategy that works for you and apply it.

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